Social Leadership

February 3, 2022
Terris imagery featured in Canadian Space Agency’s national satellite art exhibit
We’re proud to show off the stunning beauty of New Brunswick’s Chaleur Bay in winter as seen from space alongside our industry colleagues’ work from across the country
January 20, 2022
Terris’s Secret Sauce is Found in Our Multicultural Mix
Our staff hail from nine countries: Canada, China, India, Iran, Nigeria, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Vietnam
December 14, 2021
Terris Christmas Elves Raises over $3,000 for Local Families
Our teammates personally donated C$1,658.50, matched by the company, for Fredericton food bank Greener Village’s Christmas Angels and The Tipsy Muse Café’s Angel Tree
November 25, 2021
Terris Founding Partner for NBCC’s New Experiential Learning Program
The FLEX program is an innovative paid internship launching in January '22 allowing students to transition between the classroom and the workplace
October 27, 2021
Terris is Following the Money to Sustainable Investments
As the world meets at COP26, we’re instituting our own targets and plans that integrate purpose and concern for the planet with our drive for profits
September 23, 2021
Our Values Drive Our Growth
The UN Sustainable Development Goals give us a roadmap for creating a high-growth start-up with purpose and profits front and centre
September 10, 2021
Our New Students Have Landed
Our experiential learning program gives students hands-on training and we benefit from their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm
August 25, 2021
Coffee Fuels Our Company Culture
Our twice-weekly team get-togethers on Mondays and Thursdays are a chance to get to know each other – and our secret alter egos
July 29, 2021
Data Tells a Promising Vaccination Story
The ability to show COVID-19 data that illustrate the fluidity of the situation can help cope with the situation and better understand the bigger picture.